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Omnidirectional Mono Microphone Specifications
at the bottom of this page!
Giant Squid's Omnidirectional Mics Have A New Look!
Same Sound Quality, Different Build.


Omnidirectional Mono Microphone

All GS mics are compatible with these and many other recorders;  Edirol R9, Zoom H2, Zoom H4N, Zoom H1, Olympus DS-40, Olympus LS-10, Zi8 Kodak pocket video, Tascam DR-01, Tasacam DR-03, Tascam DR-07, and Yamaha CX.

Neutrik NTP3RC-B right angled plugs
Add a Neutrik Right Angled  Gold Plug to Your Mic! more info

Mic Description
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Omnidirectional Mono Microphone  Sound Samples

NEW!!!  Order from this page with Paypal or through Amazon will get you quicker order fulfillment and a tracking number. Faster than I can do it from home!!!

So many orders come in for the omni mono mics that I can't keep up so now a factory makes them for me and Amazon stocks them.

You can still order directly from me but it takes about a week or so to get them to the post office.  Also, ordering from this site gives you an option to have the below Neutrik NTP3RC-B
gold plug soldered in place of the standard plug, which Amazon can't do.

Amazon is the best option for orders outside the USA because you get a tracking number right away. The USA Post Office tracking number I get when I ship does not work for most places outside of the USA.

The difference in price between and here is to offset most of the charges that they bill me to stock and sell each mic.


Add One Neutrik Right Angled Gold Plug to My Mic! more info

Sennheiser Wireless Transmitter Omnidirectional Mic - Made with a lock screw, gold plated plug with black chrome body. Designed for Sennheiser wireless units!


Iriver Omni Mono Microphone- designed and wired for mono-mode  recording for the Iriver iFP 700, 800 and 900 series recorders!
Sound Samples


Add One Neutrik Right Angled  Gold Plug to My Mic! more info

There is a 12 Month Warranty on these mics.
Testimonial Page: Read what other Giant Squid customers have said about our mics!

*  20 - 20,000 Hz frequency response

*  Sensitivity rated at
-35 decibels +4 decibels.
*  Low sound to noise ratio > 62dB
5 feet of Cable
*  Molded 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo mini plug

This Mono Omni Microphone is designed for the professional and hobbyist who prefers to take advantage of some recorder's capability of doubling the recording time when set in the Mono mode.

As with our stereo models this is of very high quality design and produces great sound.

Among many other things our Mono Microphones are excellent for Internet communications or replacing your PC microphone, especially for Internet telephone applications!

A satisfied customer emailed...

"I just called my mom in NY using dialpad talking through your mono mic and the mic picked-up my voice with great clarity. It is way better than the Creative Labs mic I got with my Sound Blaster Live that I had. Definitely mention that the mono mic works great for Internet / telephone stuff."

Microphone Elements and Clips
These Omnidirectional Mono Microphones use electret condenser microphone cartridges.

They have a high degree of reliability under adverse shock, vibration and environmental conditions.  The capsules specifications are -35 decibels +4 decibels sensitive and have a 20 to 20,000 hz frequency range.  Sound to noise ratio is > 62 dB.

Omnidirectional Microphone compaired to the size of a dime
Mono mic

The high fidelity Omnidirectional microphone capsule is in a factory assembled housing with a durable, removable alligator clip featuring a black finish.

This mic is designed specifically for use with the “mic input” jack, also known as "plug-in power," that has voltage outputs from between 1.5 to 9 volts or with our Miniature Stereo and Mono Microphone 9 Volt Battery Power Supply.

We use the highest quality cable available for this type of microphone application.

It is rugged, flexible, has a long flex life and high interference and noise immunity.

High Quality Stereo Mini Plug

Gold Plated Stereo Mini Plug  
Factory Molded Stereo Mini Plug

Each mic has a strong, durable factory molded 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mini-stereo plug.

Iriver Omni Mono Microphone Specifics
This mic is available due to requests from members of the Video University Forums.  :)

The Iriver recorder requires a mono microphone to have a certain type of mono plug in order to record in the mono mode.  If the Iriver detects a stereo plug it will automatically switch to stereo mode.

To avoid this the "+" of the mic has to be connected to the the ring of the plug.  "Tip" is left open.  The Iriver thus detects it as a mono mic.

Our Iriver Omni Mono Microphones are wired this way.

They are -35 decibels +4 decibels sensitive and have a 20 to 20,000 hz frequency range.  Sound to noise ratio is > 62 dB.

Ideal for recording speech.

You will not be disappointed in the sound quality of these mics.  They are perfectly suitable for the Iriver recorder, will allow recording in the mono mode and are being used by some customers for wedding videogaphy.

Optional Neutrik NTP3RC-B Right Angle Gold Plated Plugs
Neutrik NTP3RC-B Gold Right Angled Plug
This is an optional gold plug that is soldered to the cable.  Not an adapter.

These low profile Neutrik NTP3RC-B right angle plugs work well for recorders with recessed input jacks and are the best right angled gold plated plugs available anywhere, in my opinon. 

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Sound Samples
  NOTE: Our Sennheiser microphones use the same microphone elements as the below samples.

*   Iriver Omni Mono Microphone
Commercial Spot 356KB  - Weather Report 265KB
Recorded with an Iriver mono mic into soundcard.

*  Omnidirectional Mono Microphone
Commercial Spot 357KB  - Weather Report 307KB
Recorded with the Omnidirectional mono mic plugged in a soundcard.

Miniature Stereo and Mono Microphone 9 Volt Battery Power Supply

Have questions?  Feel free to email the owner of Giant Squid, Darren Nemeth.